Tale Of Two Cities screen print exhibition #1
IdleBeats(Shanghai) x FrenchFourch(Paris)

2day opening with handmade art prints, live print making show and all prints 30% off.
Address: UNDEF/NE Rm 105, Bldg 6, M50 Moganshan Lu
Opening: 2015 Nov 28-29 11:00-20:00 Free Entry

双城记 丝网版画系列展览 之一
爱豆笔此(上海) x FrenchFourch(巴黎)

地址:UNDEF/NE 莫干山路50号6号楼105室
开幕时间:2015年11月28 29日 11:00-20:00 免费入场

IdleBeats Print Club
Since 2009 IdleBeats has been dedicated to the creation of original print art and promotion of silkscreen craft. After six years, they have now opened the all new IdleBeats Print Club, a local community-based screenprinting service offshoot of IdleBeats. The purpose of the print club is to provide screenprint lovers in Shanghai a place to work on their own projects at low cost. The club encourages learning about printmaking, the free exchange of creative ideas, and open dialogue with other artists within the community.


从2009年开始,爱豆笔此双人组一直致力于原创版画艺术的创作和丝网技术的推广。6年后的今天,他们带来Print Club的全新概念,在上海市中心的地下空间开创中国第一个开放丝印俱乐部。作为IdleBeats的分支,Print Club提供工作坊、现场印刷活动以及部分印刷服务。


IdleBeats featured in《Asian Creatives》published by パイインターナショナル(PIE International), representing China as one of 150 creatives from 10 asian countries.

爱豆笔此荣幸被收录进由パイインターナショナル(PIE International)出版发行的《Asian Creatives》-代表中国做为10个亚洲国家的150名创意人之一。

"In this book we introduce 150 must-see creators from Asia! This book also features interviews with key figures leading the creative scenes of 10 Asian countries in which they tell us about the today and tomorrow of creativity in their home country and introduce us to a selection of its most talented individuals.
Look no further to find a hint of the way that creativity is progressing into the next phase, both in Asia and throughout the world."